Kathy Caple Author and Illustrator

Picturebook/Easy Readers
During a visit to the zoo, Pop and Sam grow tired but while they are napping not only does the zoo close for the day but the animals come out to play -- with Pop's cell phone.
Duck and Rat's bookstore is busy as Christmas approaches and everyone buys gifts and celebrates.
Easy Readers
Duck and Rat work hard helping their customers at Duck & Company Bookstore.
Blanche and Otis are sheep who enjoy each other's friendship from autumn through spring.
Picture Books
Having the biggest nose school is no joke, especially when everyone wants to measure it.
Worm tries to earn money in order to buy a paint set that will help him enter an art contest.
On the wintry day when her drama club has a mishap on the way to see a play in the city, Hillary is glad she has bundled up her warmest snow gear.
Hillary lets her true self shine in an audition.
After spending her money on a purse, Katie is now faced with the problem of getting some money to put into it.
Arnold and his sister Rose give two bullying classmates a taste of their own medicine when Arnold decides he doesn't have to be a wimp anymore.
When Hank and Zoey's sister Dory kick them out of their wading pool on a hot summer day, two boys find a way to get even.
Brand New Readers
Whether writing, measuring, tap-dancing, or canoeing, favorite character Termite finds new ways to get into trouble!
Four little stories about Termite and his pal Ostrich.
There's a lot more to this Worm than meets the eye, in these four tiny episodes.
This is no ordinary Worm! His limitations never stop him.

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About My Childhood

My first day of Kindergarten.

Halloween costumes. I am the mouse.

This is an illustration detail from a poster I made in elementary school for a Library Book Fair. It included a poem which I wrote. The poster won a prize and I guess you could say it was the beginning of my combining illustration, writing and libraries.

I received a small set of oil paints when I was 12 or 13 and painted this picture of my Grandparent's farmhouse in New Prospect, Wisconsin.

I painted this picture of my Grandfather's dog. He liked it so much he gave me $50.00 and told me I was now a professional.

I've always loved books!

"The Bingity-Bangity School Bus" by Fleur Conkling, illutrated by Ruth Wood, and published by Wonder Books, was one of my favorite childhood books. My father read this again and again to me and my sister, Margaret. He eventually invented some of his own lines and sound effects. I found this copy in a used book store a few years ago.

Every book is a challenge. I go through an amazing number of small drafts and dummies to get to the final product.

This was my first published book.