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A Night at the Zoo

Sam and Pop are at the Zoo, taking pictures with Pop's phone. When Mom calls at the end of the day, Pop tells her they will be home soon. But first Sam and Pop have some popcorn and they fall asleep on a bench. The zoo closes but Sam and Pop are still asleep. Animals come out to play and discover Pop's cell phone. A big surprise is in store for Sam and Pop when they finally wake up!

Duck & Company Christmas

It's Christmas time at Duck & Company bookstore but the only snowflakes in sight are the ones made out of paper. Luckily there's the gingerbread house to tempt customers and a free gift wrapping station. Then a record snowstorm on Christmas Eve leaves everyone stranded in the bookstore where they have an unplanned but very Merry Christmas.

Duck & Company

Duck and Rat work hard to find the right book for their customers at Duck & Company bookshop. It's not easy, especially when a cat customer wants a book on how to cook rats and a badger without a sense of humor wants a book that will make him laugh.

The Friendship Tree

Blanche and Otis are best friends and neighbors. They make surprises for each other. They have holidays together. When something happens to Otis's favorite tree Blanche finds a way to make everything better. Read all about these two fun-loving sheep in this gentle tale of friendship.

The Friendship Tree

The Biggest Nose

Eleanor the elephant is self-conscious about her large nose after she is teased by Betty the hippopotamus, but she overcomes her sensitivity when she realizes that Betty has the biggest mouth.

Termite Tales

Termite never stops making mischief as his wood eating habits get the better of him, much to the dismay of his sidekick Ostrich.

Termite Trouble

Meet Termite, a colorful critter who has a voracious appetite that gets him in trouble -- but doesn't keep him from having fun!

Wow, It's Worm!

Worm compares the appearance of his animal friends to his own, builds a tower out of blocks, tries to stay cool in the hot sun, and watches movies on television.

Well Done, Worm!

Worm collects rainwater in buckets, turned himself into different shapes, discovers different smells while out on a stroll, and paints a picture that pleases his friends.

Worm Gets a Job

Worm needs to earn money to buy a new paint set so that he can enter an art contest. He tries babysitting, housecleaning and even a paper route, all of which end in disaster. Find out how Worm finally gets what he wants and becomes a success story!

Hillary to the Rescue

Hillary likes to be prepared. So on the cold, snowy day of her drama club outing, she bundles up and puts on her Super-Duper Below-Zero Snow Walkers. After the van picks her up, Hillary notices that everyone else is wearing dressy clothes and fancy shoes. What's more, she's beginning to roast under layers of winter gear. As Hillary wonders if she's made a big mistake, the van runs into trouble on the icy roads. Who you think comes to the rescue?

The Purse

Katie's sister Marcia convinces Katie to give up the "clinkity, clinkity, clinkity" of her money in a Band-Aid box for the grown-up look of a purse. So Katie buys one. But what good is a purse with no money left put inside it? Katie works cheerfully and diligently to find just the right method of being a proper grown-up girl with a purse.

The Wimp

Arnold has a hard time at school when two bullying classmates are out to get him. His big sister Rose gives him advice. "It's all a matter of knowing how to talk to them." But it isn't long before Rose finds out that it is not that simple.

The Coolest Place in Town

It was the hottest day the whole summer, complained Hank and his brother, Zoey. They were practically melting! When they found an old wading pool in the basement they thought they had it made.

That is, until their big sister arrived. The teasing, bullying Dory manage to trick them out of their comfortable spot. They vowed they'd get their pool back it was the last thing they did. But how?

Dory, Hank, and Zoey - three delightfully rambunctious siblings - are side splittingly funny as they squabble for the coolest place in town.