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A Junior Library Guild
Gold Standard Selection
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"Never underestimate the chaotic fun that magic and an angry bouncing ball can create. . . .Caple's tidy panels and pastel-hued cartoons make a surprisingly effective setting for the slapstick, which should have young readers giggling. Simple sentences—often just subject and verb—with lots of repetition propel the action. Frog's nonsense-word spells ('Poof Wiffle, Bop Bip!') are both funny and excellent practice in phonetics. Fast and furious action guaranteed to keep new readers laughing and turning pages." 

Kirkus Reviews, Starred Review





"Anthropomorphized characters are at the center of this engaging, entertaining early reader. The comic format allows the action to play out visually, complementing the limited text. Caple's artwork has a soft, animated quality that provides a comforting touch. . . . An amusing tale for beginning readers, in a comic style that will build reading skills while providing ample laughs."

School Library Journal


"An amusing book for beginning readers."



Publisher's Description:


"A frog, a magic spell book, and one big, angry yellow ball. What could go wrong? Everything in this hilarious early reader comic..."



Author-illustrator Kathy Caple has created a hilarious story for young readers filled with slapstick humor and a healthy dose of be careful what you wish for. With a variety of panel sizes and styles, there is much here for kids to pore over and return to again and again.


I Like to Read Comics are created for kids just learning to read. Sequential art and simple text--and a powerful relationship between the two--are perfect for developing readers."



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