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Wow, It's Worm!

Reviews and Recommendations

Amazon.com Review
"...In the four eight-page stories of Wow, It's Worm!, this green-striped invertebrate's small daily adventures are entirely recognizable to any young human reader. In one story, Worm compares himself to his friends and decides he's just right the way he is. In another episode, Worm is so hot that he has to keep finding more fans to cool down. He also watches movies and builds towers with his blocks...(Ages 4 to 7)"
-- Emilie Coulter

"With thoughtfully produced readers designed for building confidence in children just starting to read, this series offers an intuitive text-illustration relationship that ensures the books practically read themselves. The text is predictable and thus, manageable, and the stories are short and exceptionally appealing."

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio - Best Book Awards

Look for WORM on PBS KIDS Between the Lions!