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Termite Trouble

Reviews and Recommendations

"Four funny stories featuring a termite who eats his friends houses; bounces on a trampoline; makes a piece of sculpture; and helps an ostrich to fly. These are like short comic strips with enough action in the images to tell the story. The text is repetitive and one line long per page, so it's a happy magic key to sight reading from the Brand New Readers. First grade. Age: Early School Years."
-- Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Award 2006

"Termite is a funny little fellow who eats, bounces, bites, and flies his way into trouble in a set of four books packaged together. With almost slapstick humor, the author/illustrator creates stories that can be easily read by looking at the illustrations.... Young children will enjoy finding out what scrapes Termite gets into next."
2005, Candlewick, Ages 4 to 8.
--Diane Carver Sekeres, Ph.D.-CHILDREN'S LITERATURE

Look for TERMITE on PBS KIDS Between the Lions!

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