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The Purse


Horn Book Magazine
"Katie loves the 'clinkity' sound made by her coins rattling in an old Band-Aid box, until her sister tells her that keeping money in a box is for babies. Investing all her money in a purse gives her pleasure, but she misses the rich sound her coins used to make. The humorous watercolor illustrations are full of the activity and homey details. Katie is an admirable character in her determination to work out problems in a realistic fashion."

School Library Journal
"A pleasant introduction to the idea of creative problem solving."

Chicago Tribune
"Remember that sound? The clinky clank of a few pennies and nickels that sounded like a fortune inside a box of aluminum or tin? The sound, all $2.30 of it, makes Katie feel like she is rich. But big sister Marcia lets her know in no uncertain terms that keeping money in boxes is for babies. What Katie needs is a purse! Katie spends her money, all of it, and is delighted with her bright yellow purse. Delighted, that is, until she discovers that she has no money to put inside of it and even when she earns some, it just doesn`t sound the same. There are a couple of morals to be found in this story, and children will enjoy finding out how Katie ultimately finds a solution that makes her smile." - - Bonita Brodt | November 09, 1986