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The Coolest Place in Town

It was the hottest day the whole summer, complained Hank and his brother, Zoey. They were practically melting! When they found an old wading pool in the basement they thought they had it made.

That is, until their big sister arrived. The teasing, bullying Dory managed to trick them out of their comfortable spot. They vowed they'd get their pool back it was the last thing they did. But how?

Dori, Hank, and Zoey - three delightfully rambunctious siblings - are side splittingly funny as they squabble for the coolest place in town.

Review from School Library Journal
"...Caple has real insight into the typical behavior of the young, and unfailingly enhances her themes with empathy spiced with wry humor. The story line progresses smoothly from problem to solution through a clear, simple text, leaving readers grinning in triumph. The watercolor, cartoon-style pictures, full of mood and motion, are well executed in pleasing colors. They complement the engaging text, providing that irresistible combination necessary for bringing books and young children together."

Review from the Los Angeles Times
"...Kathy Caple, it is abundantly clear, knows kids. She knows how they feel, how they act, and what motivates them... "The Coolest Place in Town" may well be Caple's best effort yet: It's tightly plotted, filled with dramatic tension and completely hilarious. The pictures, with their warm green, blue and yellow tones, extend perfectly the humor of the story. At a time when booksellers' shelves are laden with so many retellings of familiar classics, this story stands out for its engaging, original charm."

Review from Publishers Weekly --
"Caple's snappy dialogue, her simple but clever plot, and her winsome hippo characters have the direct childlike appeal of Marc Brown's Arthur books and James Marshall's George and Martha."