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Termite Tales

Reviews and Recommendations

"Four small booklets are included in a cover holder in this "Brand New Readers' series. They are designed for children who are just learning to read. Suggestions for teaching a child to read this type of book are given. In each small booklet, there is one sentence on each page. The main characters, Termite and Ostrich, do something a little different on each page, and this is shown in the illustration. For example, in "Termite Taps," the first sentence is: "Termite tap dances up the stairs." Then on the next page, the sentence is, "Termite tap dances down the stairs." The other booklets are titled, "Termite in the Canoe," "Termite Measures," and 'Termite Helps.'"

"...When Ostrich writes with pencil, it's Termite who sharpens it by eating the wood until there is no pencil left. What an Ostrich to do? Get a pen. This is the wry humor in each of the four little tales that live up to the promise of making reading a success with the very first try..."
-- Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Award Winner.

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